August 13, 2022

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Does an Electrical Tankless Water Heater Require a Stress Aid Valve?

A stress aid valve in a tankless water heater is a security characteristic. It’s a requirement for a tankless water heater to perform successfully and effectively. 

Tank–sort water heaters have the temperature and stress aid valve combo. Sometimes, a tankless water heater stress aid valve ensures stress stability to forestall injury and harm.

You may consider it as an emergency aid designed to permit stress and temperature to flee as soon as they attain a sure level. The mechanism behind its performance is for it to open when water stress will increase.

So does a tankless water heater want a stress aid valve? When you’ve got a tankless water heater with no stress aid valve, your system will need to have different built-in mechanisms to control stress. It’s normal with electrical tankless water heaters.

You discover that components corresponding to stress stay fixed in such a system irrespective of how a lot scorching water goes by it. You’ll be able to look into putting in a tankless water heater stress aid valve should you suppose that your heating system wants it.

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Significance of a Stress Aid Valve in a Tankless Water Heater

Electric Tankless Water Heater Require a Pressure Relief Valve


A stress aid valve in a tankless water heater is important in defending you and your property. You’ve got a safer atmosphere when your water heater has a stress aid valve.

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It opens because the stress contained in the pipes continues to construct up. The pipes would possibly lack adequate reinforcement to resist lots of stress. The results of built-up stress is that the pipes would possibly find yourself bursting.

As soon as the pipes bust, they may flood, and you’ll have to begin planning a funds to handle the water injury in your home. In such a situation, you’ll be fortunate in case your electrical water heater comes with an automated water shut-off mechanism.

One thing like corrosion and rust build-up may compromise the performance of the stress aid valve. Corrosion may trigger the valve to stay or freeze in place. A caught stress aid valve can go unnoticed except you might be eager on common inspections.

A leak may additionally result in a myriad of issues, corresponding to facilitating the expansion of mildew and mildew.

Putting in a Tankless Water Heater Stress Aid Valve

Assist may not be accessible once you want an expert to put in a stress aid valve on your electrical tankless water heater. You may attempt to do it your self, and this text provides you with an thought of the right way to do it. Securing the stress valve is simple if you have already got the heater put in.

Step 1

Electric Tankless Water Heater Require a Pressure Relief Valve


The set up’s first half requires vinyl plumbers tape—wrap two thick layers of high-quality tape across the valves’ threads. When wrapping, make sure you comply with the thread’s course when screwing into the proper port. You improve the possibilities of having a cleaner end when you do it that manner.

Step 2

Attain into the underside fringe of the tankless heater and screw the valve into its port. Use a high quality wrench that matches into the flat a part of the valve to tighten the valve clockwise.

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You’ll be able to cease tightening it once you really feel you might have an inexpensive tightness. Go away the stress launch lever dealing with in the direction of the sting of the tank.

Step 3

Once more wrap the tape round ¾ -inch thread to the PVC connector. Proceed to screw the top clockwise within the port on the backside facet of the valve. End this step by tightening the connector utilizing an adjustable pair of pliers.

Step 4

Electric Tankless Water Heater Require a Pressure Relief Valve


Get the gap from the underside portion of the connector to the bottom or flooring and take away 4 inches for clearance. The clearance is for a tool known as an overflow pan, and is normally positioned on the backside a part of the discharge line.

Step 5

Use a hacksaw or PVC cutters to chop off ¾ inch of the pipe. Do away with burrs on the finish of a file.

Step 6

Insert one finish of the discharge line into the stress aid valve. A gap on the slip or an unthreaded finish of the connector permits you to do that. Lastly, twist the pipe whereas pushing it into the connector. Solely cease after tightly becoming the pipe into place.

The way to Check a Water Heater Stress Aid Valve After Set up

Electric Tankless Water Heater Require a Pressure Relief Valve


After putting in a stress aid valve, somewhat inspection is important to make sure it features as meant. Begin by elevating the decrease take a look at lever a number of occasions in order that the brass stem it’s connected to the lifts. You’ll really feel scorching water speeding out on the top of the drainpipe.

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You’ll be able to take it as a sign that it’s operating appropriately. In any other case, there gained’t be any water flowing by the pipe. As a substitute, you’ll solely discover a trickle, which means it’s best to change that valve.

Don’t get alarmed should you discover a leak leads to the primary take a look at. It signifies that particles within the valve retains the valve from working. You’ll have to function it a number of occasions to free that particles.

After testing, examine that the pipe leaving the valve stays unaffected by warmth; its diameter must be the identical as that of the exhaust port. It must be copper or a minimum of warmth resistant.

Additionally, be certain that the drainpipe travels downhill from the valve. A drainpipe shifting uphill and downhill traps water on the valve outlet resulting in corrosion. Go away the drainpipe effectively configured to keep away from points like an explosion.

Does an Electrical Tankless Water Heater Want a Stress Aid Valve? — Ultimate Phrases

Electric Tankless Water Heater Require a Pressure Relief Valve


A stress aid valve is important for a water heater, whether or not it has a tank or not. It could be in your finest curiosity to make sure that your electrical water heater has a stress aid valve or stalest, a characteristic that helps regulate the stress contained in the system.

Make sure you perceive the steps to appropriately set up a tankless water heater stress aid valve for it to work as meant. You’ll be able to enlist an expert to assist should you really feel you aren’t as much as putting in it.